A Letter from

the Mayor

Annie R  Coulter

As 2017 comes to a close, we should reflect upon all of the challenges we've met and managed to overcome, and be full of gratitude for the lesson learned.

As the new mayor of Ford Heights,  challenge has become the norm, but with the help of team, we've been able to effect a change in the village that more and more people are noticing and speaking on.  My  team is committed to transparency and direct interaction with the citizens.  We believe that together, we can make Ford Heights a community to be proud of.

As we enter into 2018, we want to encourage everyone to come forward with any thoughts and ideas about what we can do, as a whole, to continue to improve and enjoy life here in our village.  Feel free to contact any one of my team members with questions and concerns.

Ford Heights is destined to become the come-back story of our time.  We are more than negative headlines and in 2018, we look forward to showing the positive attributes of our people , and our village.

Contact Information:

Physical Address:
1343 Ellis
Ford Heights, IL 60411

Phone Number: